2022 Peace Tour Schedule - Updated October 29

   Peace Pilgrimage 2022 Schedule Summer and Autumn (Updated October 29, 2022) Be Still and Know at Mildale Farm - August, 2022 Aum Namah Sivaya, blessed Self, Pranams! 🙏🙏🙏 I've been given clear direction to come to visit with you this summer and fall, and certainly I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so. Of course, the mission of this driving Pilgrimage, and of prior pilgrimage, and of yoga, is Peace. I will come to you in Peace, sharing the message of Peace, that we may see and discuss how to share it in this precarious time - how to bring it more deeply and visibly into our daily lives, and how to touch, uplift all around us. This is most important. As in years past, we'll be offering Be Still and Know Silent Retreats, Satsangs, one to one discussions, whatever can be of help. Some of the schedule is set, as you see, and more wants to be filled in. Please help with this. Please take a look at the general flow of the tour and make suggestions and introductions as yo

2022 Summer/Autumn Schedule

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2019 Peace Pilgrimage Schedule

Summer and Fall 2019 Peace Pilgrimage Schedule - On the Road Again with Prema the Yoga for Peace RV Dearest friends, Divine Grace Yoga Ashram is now in its second year of service, and this year I'll be resuming some travel. God willing, Prema and I will depart Ashram on July 17 - we plan to travel through 25 states, covering about 12,000 miles, and return on October 7. In between these we will be visiting Yoga Centers, Retreats, Churches and Homes to be with you, to live and to share the timeless teachings of Peace and Freedom. We'll hold seven "Be Still and Know - Practices in Silence and Discernment" weekend retreats and as many other programs and Satsangs as we can support along the way. Please feel free to email me at if you would like to set up something where you see an opening. Here's the schedule so far, I'll keep this blog updated with any new programs and links for more information and booking, etc. Thank you, God bles